Instant ways to boost your mood

I’m always finding new ways to help my mental health, whether this is meditation, therapy or “getting a grip”, but on the bad days, sometimes I just need an instant fix, and to be honest things like meditation don’t always work for me. So with lots of trial and error over the past year, I’ve found what works best for me when I need to take an instant break from all the negativity in my mind…

1). Get out the house!- I cannot stress this enough. We could all sit inside, overthinking or staying in bed, but getting out the house can instantly boost your mood. Just being out in the fresh air can instantly change the way we feel. Get out there, even if its just for a little walk.

2). Go for a drive and put on your favorite playlist- and if you can’t drive, ask a friend or a family member to go for a drive…open the windows, sing your heart out and drive away from all your problems. Driving is one of my favorite things to do, it always takes my mind off things, especially when listening to a good playlist or a podcast. It’s good to just change your scene, and if you’re really treating yourself, got get a Starbucks or whatever drive thru you have near you. Drive for as long as you need!

3). Exercise!- This is my answer to every bad day. Going to the gym keeps me sane. Moving your body instantly boosts your mood, makes you feel amazing and takes your mind off everything. When our brain is occupied with physical movements, there isn’t enough space to be thinking about things too. For me, a workout is always a break from my own mind, because for that hour, all I have to think about is lifting that weight….plus the feeling afterwards is euphoric.

4). Speak to a friend/ family member- Don’t keep things in and don’t isolate yourself. if people really love and care about you, you will never be a burden. Just having a cuppa and a chat with a loved one can really help. Surround yourself with good people and it will instantly bring those positive vibes.

5). Do something you love- We all have different likes and dislikes and things that cheer us up, make sure you know what you like, for me it’s shopping! I don’t even have to buy anything, but just browsing in a shop brings me so much calm and joy. It’s one of the things I struggled with in lockdown, not being able to have that me time. I like to get in my car, get on a good playlist and go shopping, my mood is instantly boosted.

6). Plan something- When you’re feeling really low, imagining the next day is hard enough, so make sure the next day is a good one. Plan something fun for the weekend or finally book in that piercing you’ve been wanting to get for ages. Plan something to really look forward to…make the future bright and exciting.

7). Pamper yourself- Looking better always makes me feel better. Treat yourself to a little pamper, treat your skin, nails and hair, and for you ladies, why not do a little makeover. Make yourself feel amazing again, no matter how many bubble baths it takes!

8). Distract yourself- For me distraction is always the answer, because lets be honest, my worries are never rational and thinking just makes things worse. Distract yourself with any of the things mentioned above, or put on a good program or get stuck into a good book. Take your mind off everything for a while.

Thanks so much reading guys, remember to look after yourself and follow some of these steps on a bad day!

Louise Oak

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