Sometimes all we need is a little bit of happiness and joy! For today’s post, I thought it be best to look at some of the world’s happiest countries. It is interesting to see what makes a country so happy and how we can change our lives in order to increase our own joy. Here are the top five happiest countries in the world and why they are listed as such.

5. Norway

Placed at number five on the list, Norway is said to be very high up on the happy scale. This is down to a number of things, including, economic growth, a plethora of generosity, freedom, a great education system, a high life expectancy and lots of support socially. Scandinavian countries are said to be some of the happiest in the world and looking at this, it is clear as to why. 

4. Switzerland

Next up, Switzerland. Similar to Norway, there are multiple things that contribute to Switzerland being one of the happiest countries in the world. Included in this list are, a healthy life expectancy, generosity, social support and a freedom to make their own life choices. Also, feeling continuously content plays a part in a country’s overall happiness. Having all of these things on the list will help a person feel satisfied living where they are.

3. Iceland

When it comes to well-being, the Icelanders are the ones to turn to! Living in Iceland, people say that they feel as if they can count on the people around them to help when they need it. Having a support system is always a factor of happiness. It also helps that they have some of the most beautiful scenery in the countryside to escape to when they want to leave the city! 

2. Denmark

As I said before, Scandinavian countries always do well on the happiness scale! So, what makes Denmark so happy? It is said that happiness is linked to community spirit and social equality and Denmark is lucky enough to do well on both. Having a high level of equality and a care for social well-being, Denmark is a great place for those wanting a great community essence. 

1. Finland

Finland seems to always be the happiest country out there! Some of the reasons why this is the case are that it remains ahead of the curve in so many aspects of life, such as in their care of each other’s well-being, mutual trust, equality and freedom. Reading this list, it is clear that there are constant factors that appear, for example, freedom, equality and well-being, that contribute to a person’s overall happiness. The next step would be, how do we try and add these elements into our own lives?

Written by Pia Talbot –