Animal Recognition

Dear Parents, Hi! I want to switch it up this month and introduce some activities that you and your little one can engage in. Here’s an activity that you can use to introduce to your little ones as early as 14 months old, the Animals of the Alphabet. If you have animal cards around your home and letter magnets, that is great! Pull those cards and magnets out, and get ready to engage with your little one in a learning and hands-on activity about different animals as well as the alphabet.

This activity promotes literacy, cognitive skills, critical thinking skills, and social-emotional skills. While engaging in this activity, the goal is for your little one to become familiar with different animals, as well as the alphabet. I will suggest introducing 5 different animals every two weeks and reintroducing those same animals the following week. Before introducing a different set of 5 animals, place those first 5 animals into the deck with the other animals. When you do this, observe your child’s actions. See if your child will recognize those familiar animals that you first introduce to them. If they don’t see them, it’s okay! Just continue to reintroduce. The object of this activity is to introduce, encourage, observe, and most of all, make it fun and inviting. You don’t want to pressure your little one because they are learning. Some children are verbally expressive about their findings in most cases, while others are physically expressive in showing you that they recognize those familiar pictures and letters.

I hope you enjoy this activity, as much as I enjoyed it with my little one. While engaging in this activity, don’t forget to say the beginning letter of each animal’s name, place the letter on the picture, and same the animal name, and repeat the letter. You can even take this activity outside, creating a new learning environment. If you need further explanation, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

You’re terrific parents, Fathers, Mothers, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, Friends, and Families. You’re doing a fantastic job! Remember, you’re still learning, growing, and together, we will succeed. Love you dearly, and have a super fantastic day! Until next time!!🥰


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